of silent christmas gifts

Brittany murphy died today, as you all must know. It was a sad ‘prescribed death’.

I kept this window open all day but only have finally come around to writing something. X is back in my life if u must know, i have decided not to divulge anything more, because now i am over exposed. Lets jus say, he loved my new place, thought it was rather ‘fancy’  for me to have an AC and was appalled tht i didnt own a TV.

The problem is I am having some ethical issues at work. While Juggy my dear friend was rather disappointed to realise after all the hash-tag thrashing of chetan bhagat, everyone in the train is either reading a CB or midday..and I have a serious prob of my magazine’s dependency on  Bollywood Obsessions (damn i cnt even elaborate as i might be sued for it but i swear its not jus my mag, its all fashion mags in india)

I am also going to goa in jan with little birdie n gang, tht includes G. 😛 should be fun

Watch AVatar at IMAX was worth the expensive journey. Jugs curse me secretly for not taking the train. He’s a train man.and oh yes he’s a man, dont let the nickname fool you and no, he doesnt have man boobies.

And because I do not have a TV, there are no more late nights, howling away at some emotional flick on HBO.

There is no more reason to smoke because i am not endlessly staring into late night comedy re runs.

But where it really hurts, is when I eat. When alone, it is very difficult to have dinner without having anything to watch. Dinner is a social activity, it needs to be admist talk and action.

Sigh, Christmas is near and I cnt even feel it.

😦 😦 sigh sigh sigh…


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