of pre-valetine woes and more…

There are phases in one’s life, times when you write about everything from toilet paper to the lunch that you barfed out …..and there are times when you do not want to tell people that you have been bankrupt that month, or that you cannot connect at work idealistically or a, b, miss n and blah r all bitches (u cant say this coz they now read your blog) and you also cant admit that spring cleaning has been for good and you have no men in your basket right now, not even the rotten ones.

i lost my phone, I broke up with X for the last time and I cannot seem to be able to save money. This is the low down.
Otherwise, the shopping is absolutely fab! 🙂 where should i start with? the summer dresses bought at a bargain store or the mac lippies i spent a tiny fortune on? aah…life is simply sweet.

obviously valentine’s day is coming, when us singles shall talk about how commercial it is and all that blah. I wanted to send flowers to my mom, and when they don’t told me that there is a special rate so i sent it to her today. I am not a cheapskate but i just don’t see why i need to pay extra to tell someone I love her.

What is amazing is that my house mate is also my namesake and also closemushywushy buddy. i am always vegetating with her or doing retail therapy and all that. Which is amazing because between her and the other full time n part time friends I actually, frankly don’t even have time to moisture my elbows, forget guys.

Yest was my pre-valentine-i-am-so-lonely evening, wallowing in self pity it is an awesome cleansing ritual. Today is already such a bright and joyful day.

morning needed me to be in Tote which is a plush lounge in South Mumbai, race course to be precise.
It was all white, and all plush and noir…. and the green was simply greener outside the glass walls. So you could sit in the comforting ac and admire the leaves moving in the breeze and imagine the rustling sound. Watermelon juice is what I had and enjoyed. 😀

to Tote!!!

I am going back there for a sunday brunch soon!! I heart south mumbai.


Kala Ghoda in one word was OVERRATED. Disgustingly overrated, my salt lake fair and book fair is so muuuuuuchhhhhhhh better!


One response to “of pre-valetine woes and more…

  1. Have I told you that you write very well, and I relate to what you write. Keep up!

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