Living it not-so-simple

my friend j says only 1% of this country population earns more than 85k a month. his next sentence while his long hand flew about in the air to finally settle into a menacing gesture with pointing at me; “YOU are surrounded by that 1%”!!!!!!!!

there. here I am talking about being broke all the time and belonging clearly to the 70% of the population earning a meager amount a month, while i am clearly misunderstood just because everyone around me seem to be the kind who go to Paris to shop. Well i cant help it thats all, the rich will get richer n the poor poorer.
Btw, i have a baby now….its called the I POD TOUCH and I am so obsessed with it that i am this close to naming it RINGO STARR

i am always taking it out n showing off in front the strangers in the bus, ok fine, so i used to for the first day……but then it crept up to me, that all this showing off might hasten its ‘getting stolen’ process so i stopped, now if u see me taking out an I touch with a flashy red cover, its because i actually want to play a game while i sit in the bus for an hour to reach the station. and yes, i am now taking a bus… 😀 to the station, after which i take a train and then i take a cab. 😀
and that’s just one way.

so yea, its not like i a spoilt brat who knows nothing beyond perfumes n Blackberrys. i take the public transport, i have no qualms about drinking tea from the roadside, i will not ask you for a piece of paper to sit on the grass, i READ and except for watching/reading news, i do everything else……i am intellectually snobbish n i might be rather classist too. so here’s the deal i love my IPOD just sooo much because i love music just that much. u get how the pod saves me right? can u imagine 3 hours in mumbai traffic one way everyday?

Now i know a lot of us are upset over the Pune blasts….I was deeply upset….I was scared too….after all i belong to a country and city where i can die any min in a similar blast. I was really scared when i watched the police search trains just moving into the stations, or when they came aboard every evening on the compartment n rode with us with rifles on their shoulder……sure that will scare Achmed the terrorist n he will not blow himself and step out of the train.
obviously the security measure lasted 2 days EXACTLY. thats us, you n i. There r a lotta things that upset me, it upsets me that coming from eastern india i see a chunk of our massive country simply devour itself for the lack of attention, it upsets me that sunderbans might not survive the next monsoon floods and that we will never read about Indian mangrove forests ever again.

Sure blame me for not attending candle lit walks for the 5 people out of 1 billion that got killed, but hey did you feel bad when you were 10 and you went on a family vacation to a north Bengal forest and took pictures next to an ‘authentic’ tiger rug? sure, 1411 of our national animal left just shows what an amazingly responsible country we are.

So go ahead curse me while you attend the peace marches when I still have to take the train next day and walk amidst a mass of strangers to get to work. sure, i am selfish to be praying all the while for my own safety while a female voice tells me in three languages not to touch anything suspicious, yeah i know its my fault to pray like hell that i make to work without getting bombed out of my brains.

AND as if that wasn’t enough, MNIK released after much a-do. There was a 20 car convoy for fox studios and the cinemas looked like it was a midfield trench. three hours of barfingly bad , intestine wrenching overdose of emo by bollywood biggies who really should be considering another profession now.

as if k-k-karan from d-d-darr wasn’t enough, yours truly srk is now stealing off ACHMED!! (youtube Achmed the terrorist) k-k-khan it seems… there NOTHING original in Bollywood anymore? its an eunuch of an industry from where i can see..i mean for god’s sake even celibating homosexual frogs r more interesting than srk n his journey in REEBOK shoes to speak to the prez about his son……
yea, that helps….that just set the mood for d-day. obviously a human baby kicking at aaaaal is well, didnt do the trick ( sure he’ll kick if you pronounce it like that, a dead will come back from limbo and correct you…. )


One response to “Living it not-so-simple

  1. Of course I remember those lovely lunches off the street carts in college. Money-saving madness!

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