Say it with love

so on Saturday i saw this spiritual person, well he was clad in clothes as such……standing on the divider with a placard which said loves knows no religion.
now, with his saffron orni anybody would know that he was a Hindu pandit sorts….and my god was he smiling.

I was pretty sure, this wasn’t a cult thing but just him….he just decided on a Sunday morning in Mumbai that he needed to spread some love. yeah, all he had to do was stand on a divider at a junction facing the traffic.

it was also the same day that the car free sunday by salman khan took place, guess who had more takers?

p.s. i promise to carry my camera around more often n take pics of brilliant men like these.

i am this close to doing a “hugs for free” campaign……


One response to “Say it with love

  1. Woman! You’re supposed to carry that thing around EVERY DAY…

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